2016-2017 Board

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Amy Abrie, CPA

Vice President, Sponsorship
Carmela Borzelleri,CPA

Vice President of Communications
Joe Giacinto

Vice President of Education
Donna Blanc,CPA

Vice President of Membership
Vincent Palazzol, CPA

Vice President Meetings
Michele Farrell, CPA

Justine Roe, CPA

Renee C. Sumpter, CPA

Vice President Student Activities
James L. Smith, CPA

Chair of Employment Services
Randy Deyulio, CPA

Past Presidents

Immediate Past President
Lucy Mazany, MBA

Arthur Sanders, CPA
Neil Seiden,CPA
Robert E. Grote, CPA
Stephen Antaki, CPA
Bob Arnold
Bob Arnold, Jr.
Gary Carpenter, CPA
Andrew Meyerson, CPA
Marc Palker, CMA
Alice Schildkraut
Adrienne M. Sinnott, CPA
Michele C. Yen, CPA

Directors & Associate Directors

Anthony Aronica, CPA
Ayanna Newell
Eric Monroe
GaiL Trugman-Nikol
Linda McCormack
Lori Catapano,CPA
Marvin Rosen
Michael Conway,CPA
Michele Farrell,CPA
Robert Valli
Steve Schwimmer
Steven Kuperschmid
Thomas Rosenthal.CPA
Arthur Drucker,CPA
Cindy McLoughlin,CPA
Marla Leiman
Janine Howe

Associate Board Members

Art Drucker, CPA
Cindy McLoughlin, CPA
Maria Leiman

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