About Chapter

The Long Island Chapter is a great resource for all Accounting and Finance professionals. We provide quality, informative, in-person educational programs by professional speakers to assist in meeting your education requirements and to keep you up to date on the latest management accountant topics.

Our breakfast and dinner programs offer an opportunity for financial decision makers to meet and share best practices in an informal environment. Our members often comment on how they enjoy the opportunity to meet other financial professional to brainstorm on new ideas.  

Our Chapter is comprised of a vast array of professionals including Accounting, Legal, Service Providers, Academic, Young Professionals and Students.  You will benefit from a unique networking experience when you attend our events.

Every year, we strive to bring local value to your membership. We are able to do this through several key initiatives:

  • CMA – Certified Management Accountant designation. Independent of other certifications, you  must pass a rigorous 2 part exam that covers 11 competencies. The CMA program is designed  to validate mastery of the advanced skills required to manage finance functions within your organization*
  • Communication – reaching out to our members via a monthly newsletter, redesigned website,  LinkededIn and Twitter accounts to keep you in the know of Chapter events and information and   keep you in touch with our global organization easily
  • Education – bringing quality speakers local to you with informative, timely topics to increase your knowledge base
  •  Employment - the IMA is able to bring connections to financial positions that may or may not be publicized in other arenas. We accept resumes for financial positions and upon discussion with   the candidate, will present to applicable positions
  • Membership/Young Professionals – membership in the IMA has many benefits. In addition to  the networking events, educational offerings and employment opportunities, there are many insurance and discount programs that members can benefit from
  •  Sponsorship - the Long Island Chapter offers several sponsorship opportunities including dinner, breakfast and student sponsorships as well as newsletter and other advertisements. Your sponsorship and/or advertisement is seen by a vast array of professionals locally on Long Island as well as nationally, and is instrumental in our ability to provide quality programs
  •  Student Activities – reaching out to local Colleges and Universities, creating student chapters,  encouraging and teaching students the importance, relevance and benefits of belonging to a professional organization

101 Years And Counting

For 100 years, IMA has been a champion of—and resource for— management accounting and financial professionals. Our story is one of steady transformation yet unwavering commitment: As we’ve progressed through each decade, we’ve never lost our mission-led purpose to uphold the profession.

The organization was founded in Buffalo, New York, in 1919 as the National Association of Cost Accountants (NACA) to promote knowledge and professionalism among cost accountants and foster a wider understanding of their role in management.

In 1957, our name was changed to the National Association of Accountants (NAA), beginning an era in which we would later develop our hallmark credential, the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant).

In 1991, the organization’s name was again changed to the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), signifying our broader role as the Association for accountants and financial professionals working inside organizations.

Today, we are known by the shorthand—IMA—and continue the legacy of professional excellence that began nearly a century ago.

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Chapter Awards


  • Chapter Community Service/Alden Pendleton Award: Runner Up



  • Chapter Community Service/Alden Pendleton Award: Runner Up



  • Chapter Community Service/Alden Pendleton Award: Bronze
  • Outstanding Level of Service



  • Chapter Community Service/Alden Pendleton Award: Runner Up
  • Outstanding Level of Service


  • Three Year Member Achievement: Member Acquisition
  • Three Year Member Achievement: Net Growth
  • Outstanding Level of Service



  • Three Year Member Achievement: Member Acquisition
  • Current Membership Achievement: Member Growth
  • Three Year Member Achievement: Net Growth



  • Current Membership Achievement: Member Growth
  • Current Membership Achievement: Member Acquisition